Eye resolve!

15 December 2016 / Tim Holmes

In my last couple of posts I discussed salience models and head-tracking – two methods that are frequently used as a proxy for eye-tracking and sometimes even passed off as eye-tracking itself. They aren’t the only offenders of course. Mouse tracking is another method which is based on the fundamentally incorrect assumption that tracking the…

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An eye for an eye-track!

9 December 2016 / Tim Holmes

Last week we had the Acuity Christmas party and as usual we closed the office down for the day to immerse ourselves in a range of activities as a well-earned break from all our research into visual attention and decision making.   It turns out that it’s kind of hard to stop thinking about eye-movements and…

When is eye-tracking not eye-tracking?

29 November 2016 / Tim Holmes

The influence of fake information has been in the news quite a lot lately. Did strategically written un-truths, or at least un-verified truths, affect the outcome of the Brexit vote and the American election? Did encountering these reports through trusted sites like Facebook give weight and credibility to them? Why didn’t more people question the…

The challenges of neuroaesthetics

4 March 2016 / Tim Holmes

Over the past few weeks I’ve been delivering a series of lunchtime seminars at Coley Porter Bell, a London brand design agency which is part of Ogilvy & Mather and WPP. The sessions have covered a range to topics including visual perception, attention and the application of neuroscience to research on consumer behaviour and cognition….

Hey, big render!

20 January 2016 / Tim Holmes

In my Eye-Tracking Preview of 2016 I suggested that virtual reality was going to be a major topic of discussion this year, and if the internet chatter around the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was anything to go by, I wasn’t wrong. Already we are seeing VR integrations from a variety of manufacturers…

Crystal Eye-ball!

4 January 2016 / Tim Holmes

If you’d asked me last year to guess the hottest trends for Christmas 2015 I would probably have nailed the Star Wars success but completely have overlooked the exploding hover-boards and underperforming iPad Pro, so maybe I’m not the best person to be writing a list of technology related predictions for 2016. Being the cautious…

The 4th was strong in this one!

16 December 2015 / Tim Holmes

Wow, literally only a few days to go till the excitement and festivities begin! But after the release of Star Wars we still have the anticipation of card shops full of Valentines and supermarket shelves full of Easter Eggs to tell us it’s nearly Christmas and time for the obligatory plethora of reviews of the…

Nail it!

7 December 2015 / Tim Holmes

When I posted the last blog on the latest round of “eye-tracking tips of the day”, I sat back and wanted to congratulate myself on nearly 20,000 words of wisdom and a job well done, but there was a niggling sense of incompleteness that I couldn’t quite put my finger on! Earlier in the week,…

Staying on track 8: ToTD 36-40

17 November 2015 / Tim Holmes

When I started the first round of eye-tracking tips back in May, it was on something of a whim because I’d spotted a few issues that seemed to occur across multiple projects and thought them worth sharing with a wider audience. As Twitter tips they were intended to be snappy little nudges in the right…

Staying on track 7: ToTD 32-35

12 November 2015 / Tim Holmes

Last week it turned out I had more to say than even I expected on Tip 31, so rather than hit you with a super long entry containing the usual 5 tips, I decided to split it. So this week I wanted to catch up on Tips 32-35 before we get into the final week…