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But decisions become easier with research that is well designed, with the right methodologies and meaningful analytics that generate powerful insights.

Acuity Intelligence applies expertise in neuroscience, behavioural research and marketing using the latest in eye-tracking and biometric technology to bring you just that. We measure the behaviour and responses of shoppers, gamers, app users and more to understand their experience and optimise product performance.

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About Acuity

Acuity Intelligence is a neuroscience based research agency and consultancy firm with extensive experience in cognitive and behavioural methods, including eye-tracking and biometrics.

We have worked with companies as diverse as P&G, Coca-Cola, Unilever, GSK, IPSOS, Coley Porter Bell, Ralph Lauren, BskyB, The Guardian and Walt Disney Company to evaluate and optimise packaging and messaging at the point of sale, digital media, mobile apps and marketing strategies.

We maintain close relationships with academic institutions and provide world renowned education.


Research services

Acuity Intelligence is founded on a strong research pedigree based on visual science, engineering, mathematics and psychology. We build a complete picture of the factors influencing human cognitive, emotional and behavioural responses in lab-based, virtual and real world research.

To do this, we utilise a range of different technologies and methodologies including eye-tracking, virtual reality, biometrics (EEG, GSR, Heart Rate and more), facial coding, questionnaires, surveys, qualitative interviews and focus groups.

Whether your area of interest is shopper and market research, gaming, UX and design, sports science, ergonomics or automotive, Acuity Intelligence experts are here to support you every step of the way.

Our end-to-end services include custom designed research to your brief, recruitment and screening, hardware and software provision, on-site technical support and moderation, coding and data analysis.

The final report for each project comprises a unique depth of analysis, which generates easily missed, actionable insights and recommendations. Our visualisations bring the story to life for you and your stakeholders.

Education and training

We are passionate about research.

And that’s why our experts like to share their knowledge and best practice. We empower you and your teams to get the maximum possible ROI from your research.

We run a range of training workshops on a variety of topics, including consumer neuroscience and behavioural research methods, shopper research and UX.

For organisations interested in finding out more about how neuroscience and psychology can be applied to their core business, we also run educational seminars.

If it’s in depth education you’re looking for, Acuity Intelligence, together with Royal Holloway, University of London, runs the annual Masters level course on Real World Eye-tracking. This course is internationally recognised and unique in allowing participants to experience multiple eye-tracking solutions and compare them through hands-on project work.

Innovation and consultancy

Acuity Intelligence’s innovative approach to all aspects of applied neuroscience and human behavioural research means that we are able to harness the power of new technology to analyse real-world problems in environments as varied as shops, malls, sports fields, driving and museums.

We have experience with simulation and a range of virtual reality methodologies, and have developed AcuityVR which uniquely combines the latest virtual reality technologies with expert eye-tracking analytics to study human behaviour in controlled environments.

The shopper edition of AcuityVR provides automated and sophisticated insights at a fraction of the cost of other commonly used methodologies.

Our team has expertise in a diverse range of fields, including marketing and advertising, shopper behaviour, user experience, design, automotive and clinical.

Let our consultants help you to obtain the level of insight you really need to make great business decisions.

Find out more about Acuity VR here

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4 March 2016 / Tim Holmes

The challenges of neuroaesthetics

Over the past few weeks I’ve been delivering a series of lunchtime seminars at Coley Porter Bell, a London brand design agency which is part of Ogilvy & Mather and WPP. The sessions have covered a range to topics including visual perception, attention and the application of neuroscience to research on consumer behaviour and cognition….

10 August 2015 / Tim Holmes

Statute of imitations!

I don’t normally discuss my private life on this blog, but it’s already August and I am preparing to head out to the European Conference on Eye-Movements (ECEM) in Vienna, Austria, which for me can mean only thing. No, not that it’s time to dig out the Sound of Music on Blu-ray, although now I…

Using neuroscience to deliver real-time actionable shopper insights Dr Tim Holmes, Director of Research
Retail Design Expo - Shopper Marketing Conference, 11:00 8th May 2017


We are regularly at industry and scientific events where you can hear about our research and see live demos of our eye-tracking, head-mounted virtual reality and biometrics based research solutions.

Shopper Brain Conference – Chicago

22-23 June, 2017
Elephant & Castle - 111 W Adams St Chicago , IL 60603

Retail Design Expo

8-9 May, 2017
Kensington Olympia, London

European Conference of Eye Movements

20-24 August, 2017
Wuppertal, Germany

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